Sport innovator and the EPSI member Cluster Sports & Technology are organizing the event, that will host the  11th Dutch Sports Innovation ceremony too.

The sport innovation network of the Netherlands will come together on the High Tech Campus (Eindhoven) on 7th October. Sport innovator and the Cluster Sports & Technology have joined forces and are organizing the 16th edition of the Sport Innovation Congress.

The congress will be a unique network of more than 350 professionals comes together in Europe’s smartest square kilometers to share knowledge, learn from each other and meet each other.

11th Dutch Sports innovation Award ceremony

During this event, organisers will also host the 11th Dutch Sports Innovation ceremony.  The “Dutch Sports Innovation Award” is an incentive prize for innovative and promising products / services in the field of sports & exercise. On October 7, the prize will be presented for the 11th time during the Sport Innovation Congress, previously under the name “National Sport Innovation Prize”. The winner will receive a prize worth € 15,000.