On the 25th and the 26th of July 2022, the MCE partnership organized an International Training for Sport Operators and a General Project Meeting in Volos (Greece).

The meeting has been hosted by the University of Thessaly, the Greek project partner and was mostly aimed at testing the MCE App that will be publicly released in September 2022. All partners participated to the meeting: L’ORMA, the project coordinator, NGO NEST BERLIN, EPSI (online), Dubrovacki Savez Sportova and Bulgarian Sports Development Association.

On the 25th, the meeting started with a presentation and a recap of the MCE project, main objectives, and state of play. The next big step of the project is the release of the MCE App and the organization of Multisport Days in each partners’ country in September 2022. For this occasion, 5 attendees per partners who will be involved in the implementation of those Multisport Days have been invited to test the MCE application. Kinetic Analysis, the app developer, was also present in order to give a short presentation on how to use the app and its different features. 

In order to get to know each other, but also to learn more on how to successfully organize an event, each partners delivered a presentation on the following topics:

  • Organization of sport event; 
  • Promotion of sport events; 
  • Recruitment and Training of Volunteers; 
  • Make Event Sustainable and Inclusive;

The meeting has been closed with an overall discussion and evaluation of the International Training.

On the 26th, the meeting was aimed for the project partners to discuss the overall state of play of the project and its next steps. A clear overview of the roadmap, the Intellectual outputs produced so far and to be produced soon as well as a presentation on Dissemination and Evaluation activities have been delivered. The meeting has been particularly useful to solve any doubts and to define a clear framework to organise the local trainings and the Multisport Day that will take place in September 2022. Stay tuned if you want to participate, more information will be available on MCE facebook soon!