The EWSE project supports women’s empowerment in sport

Gender representation in sports environments is still not enough balanced. The brief analysis of women’s sports in Europe described in the report presented by the EWSE project’s partners has confirmed that women in sports, especially in the sports management sector, have no equal gender participation. That’s why all the involved organizations in this project have mapped sports festivals and events all over Europe intending to create a European Network to enhance women’s empowerment in sports events. The interactive map is now available on the EWSE website. 

The EWSE is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission which aims to enhance the social, economic and cultural impacts on women in sports, against every possible type of discrimination, with a particular focus on professional women in sports and young women willing to become sports events manager and promoters. The need to raise awareness on this topic and the will to develop a project that could promote concretely women’s leadership and representation in sports, brought together partners from France (Alice Milliat Association), Belgium (EPSI), Austria (Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation) and Ireland (Irish Wheelchair Association), co-ordinated by ASSIST from Italy. 

The common idea promotes values of integrity, accessibility and equality in the sports industry. In this regard, the EWSE project works for the creation of a quality network for women that enhance cooperation and economic values from the increasing sector of sports events and management, fighting for equal access to leadership positions. 

The Interactive European Map of Women’s Sports Events and Festivals is a powerful tool to address one of the main issues of nowadays by enhancing the visibility of women who

organize or want to organize sports events thanks to linking events all over Europe. By clicking on the map it is possible to explore the most interesting events in many European countries. 

Women empowerment promotion will be carried on even at the end of June in Brussels (Belgium), on the 26th and 27th for the EWSE and WISE final conferences. Women in European Sports will be the title of the upcoming joining event EPSI is organizing with the participation of all project partners and some relevant stakeholders of the sports management sector. More info will be provided soon: stay updated on EPSI social media.