Inclusion, mental health, sustainability and much more. Sport Innovation can change the world in many ways: EPSI and our members present a new video-series aimed at letting you know how technology and new ideas can build a better future.

An innovating approach to sport: this is one of the key values of the European Platform for Sport Innovation and our members. Sport is indeed a reality that includes many dimensions, like social, economic and health. So, new ideas and technology in this peculiar sector can change our society as whole in many positive ways.

EPSI’s vision and mission are well-represented by our members and partners efforts in promoting these values. That’s why we created “Sport Innovators”, a new series of videos that will be published on our social media channels in next weeks, aimed at representing this innovating sport approach.

In past weeks and months, we have been realising several video-interviews with our members and partners, who described from different perspectives why they are “sport innovators” and how they are are challenging many topics: inclusion in sport, sport and mental health, sustainability and much more.

Next week, during EPSI Assembly, our members will have a deep look on “Sport Innovators”, receiving info about this new challenging project. For all others, stay tuned on EPSI social media, because it’s definitely time to #InnovateSport!