During the 19th European Week of Region and Cities (EWRC, 11-14 October 2021), ClusSport partners are organising an official EWRC -side event, entitled: “Mapping the evolution of active, healthy lifestyles from S3 and beyond – Discover Regional Innovation through sport to address health, vitality, sustainable environments and future aspirations”will take place online on the 14th October (13:00 – 15:00 CET).

As global citizens slowly regain control of their sport and active lifestyles, the need to expedite sport technologies, business opportunities, funding streams and sustainable environments becomes increasingly important. Together for Recovery, highlights  the importance of doing this as a team, and this side event looks to provide the foundations to build this discussion and momentum. 

The side event will provide an overview of the inter-regional achievements in advancing S3 regional policies, and present a virtual tour of European excellences in sport, health and active lifestyles. As Europe embarks on a more sustainable approach to S3 moving to S4, let us discuss the future and the prevalence of I3 in achieving our combined goals and objectives. The side event will highlight the following areas:

  • What does it mean to go from S3 to S4 (to S5)?
  • How to generate economic activities from sports RDI-activities 
  • Added value of cross-regional collaboration

Organised by The Sport and Vitality Partnership (ClusSport) and supported by EPSI and the Inno4Sport (Interreg Europe project), this side event will provide an opportunity for discussion and debate around the highlighted areas. Also included in the event will be a virtual tour of regional excellences and expert advice from leading members of the EU Community.


EWRC Side Event (14/10)

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Official website: https://europa.eu/regions-and-cities/

Side Event Page: https://europa.eu/regions-and-cities/side-events/list_en