Alberto Bichi participated in a panel on financing, investments and trends in sport

At the beginning of this week – on the 3rd of October the executive director of EPSI Alberto Bichi and the junior director of the network Sebastiano Lommi attended Andorra Sports Innovation Summit. The event was organized by EPSI members Andorra Business, Andorra Research + Innovation, and GSIC. Part of the program of the Innovation summit was the award ceremony of the Andorra Startup Challenge, where EPSI member CityLegends received a Special Mention.

The event, which is part of the global agreement between GSIC and Andorra to position the country as an international benchmark in the sports and innovation industry, was attended by representatives from international entities in the sports industry as well as relevant local actors.

Several local and international startups also participated, including the winner, the two finalists, and one with special mention from the Andorra Sports Startup Challenge. They received recognition from the Minister of the Presidency, Economy, and Enterprise of the Government of Andorra, Jordi Gallardo. There were also exclusive meetings and networking sessions for event participants.

The co-executive director of EPSI was one of the panelists in a round table discussion Financing, investment and trends in sport” along with Luis Vicente (president at APEX Capital) and Javier Sobrino (managing partner of Aser Ventures). The panel was moderated by Iris Córdoba, general director of GSIC. 

Andora Sports Innovation Summit achieved its goal and managed to cement the important factor in the international sports industry. We are happy that the organizers of this great event have chosen to be part of the European Platform for Sport Innovation.