The DigiFit Experience, part of the EU Erasmus+ project “Fit for the Digital Age” (DigiFit), is a groundbreaking 12-month program designed to provide specialised support to local grassroots sport organisations and clubs.
You  can take part in the programme by sending your application by the 10th of November. 

DigiFit is an innovative two-year Erasmus+ project (that begun in January 2023 and will last until January 2025) that aims to digitally transform grassroots sports organizations in Europe. The DigiFit project promotes a path of adaptation to the digital age, and it is a unique opportunity for the sports sector basis for embrace the digital future through new tools with the aim of accelerating the digital transformation of these organizations.

The Call for Participants for the Bootcamp

The next step of the project is a Boot Camp (called “DigiFit Experience”) open to all those who are eager to get involved!
The DigiFit Experience is a 12-month programme of specialised support to local grassroots sports organisations or clubs for investigating a problem and piloting possible digital solutions.

The invitation to participate in the open call addresses two distinct groups: grassroots sports organizations and sports solution providers. The training will take place via a Boot Camp (starting from the 29th to the 31st January 2024). It will have the preliminary function of studying digital solutions, and participants will also have the opportunity to discover vast networks of European sports organizations and key solution providers.

Subsequent webinars (March- October 2024), will be also a key element in creating a sense of community among all pilot projects. This webinar will allow participant organizations to connect with other like-minded people with a view to creating best practices for the digitalisation of the sports sector. This initiative represents an unprecedented opportunity to boost grassroots sports organizations all over Europe.

Whether you are a Sports Organization / Sports Club or a Solution Provider with digital strategies that can help those organizations, join the DigiFit Experience and participate in the Bootcamp! The call will transform your digital future and innovate in the world of sports. Deadline to send applications: 10th of November.

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