SmartSports4GoodLife (SS4GL) convened for the Second Steering Committee e-Meeting on Friday 29th of January 2021 from 10.30h (CET).

The Second Steering Committee e-Meeting aimed to review the status of the project whilst unanimously identifying the next steps. Hence, the e-meeting opened with the welcoming words of INDESCAT – as lead partner – which has emphasised the successful progression of the project’ activities. 

The partnership of SS4GL is coordinated by INDESCAT and includes the hereunder partners whom also participated in the Second Steering Committee e-Meeting:

  • Cluster Sports&Technology (The Netherlands)
  • Cluster Montagne (France)
  • MSE Cluster (Hungary) 
  • European Platform for Sport Innovation (Belgium)

These partners cooperate with the aim of jointly developing innovative and collaborative tools to foster SME competitiveness, acting as springboards for SMEs, exploiting cross-sectorial synergies and developing new value chains. Hence, within SS4GL project, the consortium aspires to strengthen the cooperation among its members, providing a common road map for strategic implementation and defining a common programme of services delivered to SMEs and other relevant stakeholders.

In merit, Cluster Sports&Technology have provided an overview of the achievement of Working Package Two, which focuses on developing a common road map for collaborative activities among the Clusters. Accordingly, some of the achievements include the development of a Comprehensive Cluster Strategy and a Report of the Interviews with the most representative enterprises, as well as a Mapping study about the Clusters Complementarities. Furthermore, an update was provided on the Clusters Common Strategy whilst offering a shared understanding as to how to appropriately finalise the Cluster Common Strategy in the near future. Indeed, the Clusters Common Strategy aims to set a common road map for collaborative activities in order to jointly face the European Sports Industry Challenges for the next several years whilst creating new business opportunities for SMEs. 

Cluster Montagne has presented an overview of Working Package Three, which focuses on boosting capacity building towards Clusters Excellence. Accordingly, Cluster Montagne has presented a roadmap for future Training Sessions and Webinars, which has been discussed at the consortium level. Most remarkably, in terms of Training Sessions it was highlighted the importance of ensuring that these sessions address relevant and topical needs/matters for Clusters and its stakeholders. Besides, in terms of future Webinars the consortium has agreed on delivering two Webinars in the upcoming months to address the thematic areas of sustainability, economic diversification and new business models on the sports sector since they appear topical and relevant for the consortium and its target audience. 

Furthermore, INDESCAT has presented the ClusterXchange Programme for partners to share ideas regarding managing and facilitatingthe procedure of visiting and hosting organisations, the goals and scope of the exchanges and the evaluation process. Indeed, the ClusterXchange Programme foresee the involvement of SMEs, Clusters and main public and private stakeholders at the Regional, National and European level. Hence, the consortium has decided to proceed by developing a roadmap for a suitable and effective implementation of the ClusterXchange Programme in the current pandemic situation (COVID19) across Europe.

The meeting has also included an overview of SS4GL’s Communication and Dissemination activities by EPSI – as the partner responsible for Communication and Dissemination. EPSI has been delighted to report positive trends in regards of SS4GL communication formula and its appropriateness in reporting on the progresses and achievements of the project and its deliverables whilst actively engaging the entire consortium. 

Hence, the Second Steering e-Committee was concluded by INDESCAT highlighting some administrative and financial matters before reiterating the next steps that the consortium will undertake to further advance with the project activities.