During the special webinar hosted to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace we talked about SPHERE Project.

In order to celebrate this 2020 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, a special Webinar on “Peace&Sport and correct Health Lifestyles” was organised in streaming by Peace and Sport and Sport Academy, whose EPSI is main partner.

This international webinar saw the presence of participants coming from all around the world, aiming at promoting the role of sport for peace and development in all forms: such as diplomacy, integration and the capacity of speaking a common language that everybody can understand.

EPSI attended the event, hosted Mr. Igor Lanzoni, with three panellists: Alberto Bichi, Francesco Colletta and Stefano Orengo, who talked about the role of our organization in promoting sport as a tool for world peace.

In particular, they had the opportunity to speak about the Erasmus+ Project SPHERE led by our strategic partner ECOS and the importance of promoting sport for people with mental health problems as a way to fight the stigma even in this period of physical and social distancing.

The event took place in the framework of the #WhiteCard campaign by “Peace and Sport”. As a reference to the yellow and the red card in the sporting world, the White Card invites not to punish but to create positive real change. The White Card is a sign of commitment to peace efforts worldwide and where small actions make a difference.