Two days about the relationship between sport and technology, with a focus of business opportunities for present and future. The EPSI Co-Innovate In Sport 2019 conference ended today, launching new challenges and opportunities for next years. This was the scope of the event, organised in Brussels by the European Platform for Sport Innovation and Enterprise Europe Network.

The event, presented by Alberto Bichi and Rene Wijlens – EPSI Executive Directors – saw the presence of high-level speakers, panellists and attendees, who focused their attention around different topics, such as e-sports, management of sport data, wearable technologies, human-techonology interfaces and funding opportunities for sport innovation.

Antonello Marega, EPSI President, affirmed his satisfaction for the developments of EPSI in the last years: “When we started few years ago, we were just six members; now we are more than fifty, representing sixteen Countries all around Europe. These events are useful since they create new opportunities about relevant topics that are becoming more and more important in the sport ecosystem”.

Following the key-topics of the conference, several match-making sessions were held, in order to let attendees meet each other, share ideas and best-practices and find new partners for possibile future sport synergies. Pascal Verheye from Enterprise Europe Network focused on these opportunities. “These events help companies and people to meet and create business – he said -. Sport is a very interesting topic, and Innovation in Sport is crucial. We are glad to collaborate with EPSI in promoting this conference”.

For EPSI Network, these days have been very fruitful, both for the contents that came out during the sessions and for the presence of important and relevant sport stakeholders, including representatives from our most recent partners, such as EPoSS, ECOS Europe, N-ABLE and NECSTouR.

That is why, even if the curtain closed today over our 2019 Conference,  we are now working ever harder on our challenging path of #InnovateSport, in an ecosystem that is growing day by day.