EPSI Conference 2012

2nd European Conference on Sports Innovation

Welcome to EPSI Conference 2012: 2nd European Conference on Sports Innovation. This international conference provides a forum for research organisations, companies, sports organisations and national contact points active in the field of sports, sporting goods and sports innovation from all over Europe to exchange information, to present new information, to discuss the future directions and priorities in the areas of sports innovation and to nucleate partnerships and joint projects.

The contributions of international attendees from academic institutions such as TU Delft and IBV and bodies and national innovation networks such as FESI, Sporaltec, InnoSportNL Sports and Technology, Inesport and Assosport enrich the programme through enhancing the diversity of perspectives and content represented. EPSI members and other attendees value the opportunity to learn from and within this international environment.

It will be an opportunity for the international community to exchange ideas and develop a common vision for the future of sports innovation. The organising committee has been working to make this EPSI conference 2012 a truly memorable experience for all participants.

Host of this conference will be the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in Delft, The Netherlands. The conference will be held from 18-20 April 2012.

The 1st iteration of this conference took place in 2008  resulting in e.g. the formation of the European Platform on Sports Innovation(EPSI), new alliances in sports innovation  and the ProFit project