Exergaming Platform

The aim of Smart Gym and Exergaming programme is to develop a series of projects meant to galvanise children and young people (and their families) to move by utilizing modern technology (digital sport /exergaming), to produce new information on exergaming in multilateral networks, to measure performance of exergaming and to develop new exergames by using digital technologies.

Exergames can be defined as physical digital sports games, which rely on technology that tracks body movement and/or reaction.

During the covid pandemic, the importance of physical activity was highlighted once again. New innovative ways of physical activity should be explored to prevent and counter the sedentary lifestyle that seems to be the norm these days. In this quest towards an active healthy lifestyle, physical education and motor learning are crucial elements that should not be overlooked. 

Scientific evidence suggests that exergaming can play a vital role in all of these. Exergaming is an innovative way to educate and motivate people from different age groups to exercise in different contexts, bridging the gap between gaming and physical activity. Therefore, the potential of exergaming goes beyond just promoting physical activity. From elite sports to physical education and from leisure to rehabilitation, exergaming has the potential to increase and improve physical activity dramatically.  In quantity and quality. 

As technology is advancing quickly and exergaming is gaining popularity just as fast, it’s important for EPSI and its partners to take the lead and to connect the dots.  With this platform we aim to:

  • highlight the importance and potential of exergaming in different settings
  • stimulate collaborations and project development 
  • stimulate business creation and provide business support
  • provide examples and best practices
  • create an impact on physical activity, sports and overall health 

Do you want to know more?

We are looking for both funding opportunities and relevant partnerships in the international domain. If you are interested please contact EPSI. EPSI members can already access the relevant page on the Members Only Zone.

Exergaming Platform – Best Practices

SPORTKOMPAS (SportaMundi): The aim of this project is to promote youth physical activity and reduce drop out. SportKompas is a scientific based orientation tool for kids of 8-10 years old to guide them to the sports that best fit to them, based on their skills and what they like. This is recognised as a validated and valuable method to get more kids into the right sportsclubs whilst reducing the rate of drop-outs. This project has been submitted to the latest Erasmus+ call.

MOVEMENT SKILLS PLATFORM (SportaMundi): The Movement Skills Platform is digital platform that makes it easy for schools and physical education teachers to monitor the movement skills of children based on scientifically validated tests. Teachers can easily submit test scores through their smartphone and produce visual reports of the progress children have made over the years. The main objective of the Movement Skills Platform is to increase the physical activity level of the children, as well as improve their movement skills and make it possible to monitor both in an easy and accessible manner for schools and Physical Education teachers.