The Union of Sports Associations of the City of Sisak (or Siska) is the legal successor of the Sports Association of the City of Sisak. It is a sports association that promotes the interests of Sisak athletes and sports associations. There are around 70 sports associations, and a large number of athletes and recreationists whose number is increasing over the years, which confirms the Association as an important institution, not only in sports but also in the social life of the city of Sisak.

The fundamental goals of the Association are determined by the Law on Sports and the Statute of the Association of Sports Associations of the City of Sisak and are limited to the professional and organized development of sports in the area of ​​the City of Sisak. Through its plan and program, it organizationally and financially monitors school sports, sports recreation, quality sports, professional work and sports achievements, the most significant sports manifestations with the aim of affirming and popularizing sports associations, sports branches, as well as the entire sport. In addition to regular program activities, he takes care of creating the best possible conditions in all segments of sports activities. As the umbrella association of Sisak sports, it has the task of taking care of athletes in our city, associations, facilities and promoting the values ​​of sports. The community of sports associations of the city of Sisak is a member of the umbrella organization of Croatian sports, the Croatian Olympic Committee.

Association of sports associations of the city of Sisak
Trg grada Heidenheima 1, 44 000 Sisak


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