The kick-off meeting was on 23rd of March

The first operational meeting of the Handball International Education Project (HIEP), aimed at promoting the development of handball coaches at the European level, took place on Thursday, the 23rd of March 2023, in Rome, at the federal headquarters of the Olympic Stadium.

Under the scope of the Erasmus+ Sport funding mechanism and financed by the European Commission, HIEP has as an objective the transmission of handball through the development of common models between realities belonging to various nations of the continent. Through a specific training activity of the coaches, the intention will therefore be to promote diffusion in a particular way between the new generations and therefore at the school and youth level.

The HIEP project is developed in collaboration with Italian Handball Federation (Italy), Master Group Sport (Italy), the Università Ovidius di Costanza (Romania), the multisport club Olympiacos S.F.P. (Greece) and L ‘Orma (Italy).