Dialogue with the sport movement, European Week of Sport and the role of innovation and GreenSport: these are the topics touched by Ms Gabriel.

Today took place the second informal videoconference of Sport Ministers which addressed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sport sector.

The meeting was attended by EU Commissioner for innovation, research, culture, education and youth, Mariya Gabriel, who, during the press conference, talked about the role of sport in our society. «This pandemic has underlined the importance of sport for our society for health, prevention and wellbeing in this challenging times».

«We have launched a study on the economic impact of the COVID19 crisis to the sport sector, whose results will be key our future actions – she says – The European Week of Sport in September will be adapted to the post-COVID19 situation».

Regarding future and next steps, Commissioner Gabriel concludes: «We intend to strengthen the dialogue with the sport movement and in particular I would like to focus on sport innovation. We also should look at the sustainability of the sector and its environmental impact. GreenSport should be promoted from grassroots to the highest level».