EPSI General Assembly 2021 took place at Circuit Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium): it has been the first EPSI event to take place in person after the pandemic. a great opportunity to present new strategic agenda for following years.

Strengthening the connection with tourism, health and green sustainability. This is at the heart of the new strategic research and innovation agenda presented by EPSI to its members during the General Assembly, which has just finished at Spa-Francorchamps circuit (Belgium). The agenda will shape the future of EPSI and its members from now until 2027. 

Executive Directors Alberto Bichi and Rene Wijlens welcomed the representatives of the member organisations, who were meeting for the first time in person after the pandemic-related stoppage. Mr. Bichi outlined the results of the last year’s work, which focused on EPSI’s growth, increased lobbying and greater attention to the specific needs and perspectives of the affiliates. 

Sebastiano Lommi, Junior Director, spoke about the improvement achieved through strategic meetings, while ChloĆ© Barat, Project Manager, focused on the many projects in which EPSI is a leader or partner. The next applications in which EPSI participated should ensure further opportunities for growth. Stefano Orengo illustrated the results of the communication tools and interactions on social channels, while Alessia Capasso presented a preview of the video-series Sport Innovators, designed to strengthen the visual communication of the association and its members.   

“Europe is not just Brussels: we are Europe, so we have to work at a regional and municipality level too, not just in Brussels, in order to achieve our goals”. This was Rene Wijlens’ message. The assembly was attended by around 50 members, who were able to discuss prospects, obstacles and future actions live and interactively for the first time since the pandemic broke out. 

One shared idea that emerged strongly was to focus on live events. “Digital innovation is really important, but people need mostly live events. We need to create projects which allow Europeans to interact personally” emphasised Nikos Kgrassovitis of SportCamp Sa.