The webinar is part of the Senior Eco-Nect project and took place on the 12th of December 

The online event presented the cross-sectoral collaborations supporting innovation in the Silver Economy. The main focus of the program was the role of sport within the tourism sector and how the European ecosystem can improve accessibility and inclusivity to ageing people. 

A round table alternated EPSI and ENAT members as well as the project stakeholders to present the current situation in the tourism sector in Europe connected with the ageing population. Anna Grazia Laura, President of ENAT and Alberto Bichi, Executive Director of EPSI, welcomed the online meeting pointing out the importance of the project in question: «Since the World Health Organization aims to promote physical activity in the ageing people, we strive to improve the active participation of seniors in society and community because we are aware that sport is one key factor to reach the social well-being – said Anna Grazia Laura -. Furthermore, we know how the sport is strictly connected with tourism: accessibility and inclusion are fundamental to ensure tourism promotion». Shortly after, Alberto Bichi pointed out «EPSI is a truly innovative platform that has 136 organisations from 25 countries. These are organisations of all kinds, so we work in sports on all fronts. And we are trying to create an environment where ageing people can continue to be active within the sports ecosystem»

After that, the ENAT Managing Director Ivor Ambrose presented an introduction to Accessible Tourism and the Silver Economy. He talked about the objectives of the Senior Eco-Nect actions plan, along with values and lacks of Silver Economy in Europe. The aim: promoting accessible inclusive tourism for all, focusing on disabilities. After that Emiliano Deferrari presented data on the social context of tourism in Europe as well as the ageing travel habits. His conclusions: «Seniors are 65% of the accessible tourism market. We need best practices for a better customer experience».Then was the turn of Katerina Papamichail, who presented the concept of Universal Design, which consists of products and environments affordable for all, especially people with disabilities or particular necessities. The tourism sector needs to understand the importance of UD because the environment must have the right size and space for everyone to approach and use. 


The next presentation was delivered by Antonello Marega, president of EPSI. Marega explained the connection between sports innovation and the Silver Economy. He listed the risk factors of old age and remembered that sport and physical activity are fundamental in maintaining social well-being and active participation. After that, the project manager of EPSI Panos Papageorgiou presented some changes in our society after Covid and underlined some needs to make the society more inclusive: emphasising the social aspect, listening to other people and avoiding physical barriers. 

The last presentation was given by Myrto Maria Ranga, CEO of 50+ Hellas, who emphasises how active and healthy ageing is the key to silver tourism. 


More information about the project is available at the website