Too many people involved with sport, and trying to keep their sports activity organized, have to use a mix of chat channels, social media, single-use applications, shared online calendars and email. It takes a lot of headspace and hard work to keep it going. SPOBI brings all these functions together in one place, and combines them with comprehensive data tracking systems and the unique SPOBICOIN rewards scheme.

SPOBI shows you where you excel, and where you could do better. Shows you when your next training session or match will be, and what times, scores or stats you need to beat. SPOBI shows you advice, encouragement and feedback from colleagues, coaches and family. And when you rise to the challenge and excel in yur sport, SPOBI rewards you for it.
SPOBI is the most powerful sports management app on the market today.
We would like to partner with sport associations, institutions, universities and teams to introduce our solution and mechanism and make things easier.


“Our core mission is to motivate athletes, coaches and players to excel at what they do. People are giving up their time for free to meet, train and compete, and we want them to get something back for their hard work.”

We’ ve created SPOBI with a specific vision: to build an active, supportive network/eco-system of athletes, teams, clubs, and sport supporters where everyone gets extra motivation to improve and succeed. We are doing this by reinventing the way we use data, communicate with each other, organize our efforts and celebrate our wins, whether personal or as a team.
3 Mittlerer Hasenpfad 60598 Frankfurt am Main Germany Region: Hessen

Name: Dimitri Kourasis
Email: dk@spobi.net

Name: Timo Keim
Position: Product leader/Co-Founder
Email: tk@spobi.net

SPOBI is a sport tech company with marketing characteristics. We bring together active sport participants with sport companies within our system, and with the challenges and rewards mechanism we can help companies to promote sport products or services to the users. We are creating an eco-system where everyone is actively interact. We are looking also to partner with sport providers of goods and services and promote their goods to the spobi community. SPOBI Press Release