The Project

OPS promotes education in and through sport: its main objective is to promote outdoor sports accessible to all.

Project summary

OPS project is coordinated by the European Platform for Sport Innovation and addresses the topic to promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development.

Tts main objective is to promote outdoor sports accessible to all and practicable in natural environments without expensive equipment and infrastructure and to create connections between sport-based activities and local culture, meanwhile stimulating local skills development or sport organization based also on cultural heritage to enhance local development and tourism.

General Objectives

  • To find good practices to experiment model of intervention fostered by municipalities and stakeholders in the partner countries (an integrated model shared among schools, local authorities, private and public entities, sport and tourism operators, as instrument to promote both physical activity and territories).
  • To encourage people living in rural areas to make regular physical activities and sport.
  • To promote sport event and physical activity linked with artistic and cultural event – the outdoor sport can contribute to promote cultural heritage and vice-versa.
  • To have a cross-sectoral approach and transnational network to pursue the project’s main purposes.

The Partnership


Full List of Partners

  • European Platform for Sport Innovation (Belgium);
  • University of Constanta “OVIDIUS” (Romania)
  • ECOS Europe (Italy)
  • SportCamp (Greece)

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