Italian e-Sports Association (ITeSPA) is a cultural non-profit association placed in Rome. It was founded at the end of 2015 and it aims to spread and make grow the competitive videogame culture in Italy.

The association, among its other official activities, coordinates the sector “E-Sports” of “Movimento Sportivo Popolare Italia – Ente di Promozione Sportiva”, recognised by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).

The founding ITeSPA team started their path in 2012, through the creation of the Italian eSports Network, a network made of commentators and speakers of competitive videogames.

In April 2016, ITeSPA created a specific competitive e-gaming section, named Sport Elettronici thanks to the agreement with the Sport Promotion Body  – Movimento Sportivo Popolare Italia recognised by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).

In September 2016, ITeSPA receives a great recognition, becoming member of the International eSports Federation, representing Italy.

Rome (Italy)

President: Paolo Blasi

Vice-President: Giulio Cecinelli

Adviser: Alessandro Orgiu 

E-mail: info@itespa.it

ITeSPA Main Titles:

      • Starcraft 2
      • Dota 2
      • League of Legends
      • Heroes of The Storm
      • Smite
      • Street Fighter 5
      • Super Smash Bros
      • Counter Strike
      • Halo
      • HearthStone
      • Fifa
      • Overwatch