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Inxpyre is a world-class supplier of wearable bio medtech innovation consulting. We are trusted partners providing strategic advice on innovation management, management of R&D, product development and the market strategy for first-in-class wearable bio medtech solutions. We specialise in helping companies and medtech entrepreneurs achieve the seemingly impossible. Inxpyre’s technology consultants can help you to maximise your product portfolio, technology roadmap, IP strategy and quality/regulatory compliant development programmes.


Inxpyre Innovations combines exceptional team, innovation ecosystem hub, proven processes and excellent facilities, backed by an enviable track record of creating innovative wearable medtech solutions.


From Inxpyre we provide state-of-the-art and advanced solutions to bring innovations from emerging wearable biomedical technologies to market, let us to inxpyre you!
Inxpyre is developing vibrant R&D ecosystem in order to contribute to the process of co-creating smart solutions, new business models and strategic partnerships to provide meaningful innovations for next-gen solutions in wearable bio medtech space that make an impact
Head Office 17 Leeson Park Dublin 6 – Ireland info@inxpyre.com


Augustin Macià Barber

Eduardo Godoy

inx_LAB The Inxpyre Lab provides research-oriented instruments and know-how in specific wearable technology-related areas such as advanced materials, printed electronics, novel biosensors, medical imaging, artificial intelligence, energy harvesting, wireless communications and other emerging areas In all inx_LAB’s research & innovation projects, the associated strategy for technology transfer and distribution is considered a necessary and integral part of the innovation process inx_HUB | THE INXPYRE INNOVATION HUB The Inxpyre Innovation Hub is supported by talents and multidisciplinary international researchers operating on the concept of “Wearable Bio Medtech Open Innovation”. The inx_HUB is working both on the creation of new advanced wearable solutions, as well as bringing these wearable solutions to the market