Helbling Technik Wil AG

Their service portfolio covers a wide range of standardized project phases which they implement either individually or in mile-stone-driven packages. In the run-up to the development process, they assess the market opportunities, analyse ideas from a commercial and a technical standpoint and carry out feasibility studies.

If all of the prerequisites are met, they move to the planning stage where activities are based on our findings. They draw up concepts that provide reliable data for the design phase and by performing tests and fine-tuning generate optimum results. They then move on to development, followed by prototyping and finally production ramp-up support.

The key to their success are their teams – creative, experienced people who are dedicated to developing innovations and implementing them efficiently using project management tools. Innate curiosity and openness for new ideas are their driving force.

Their motivation, creativity, and technical expertise are the main ingredients when it comes to finding the best possible solutions to the challenges facing our clients. This enables them to create products, methods and processes that generate real added value.

The Helbling Group was founded by Max J. Helbling in 1963 and began as a two-man office in Zurich. Today Helbling is a leading engineering and consulting partner with a wealth of solid business and technology experience and a high level of expertise in delivering innovative solutions.

The Helbling nexus consists of 546 employees with locations in Switzerland, Germany, in the USA and China and cooperates with a range of international partners.

Helbling Holding AG, Zurich

Hubstrasse 24
CH- 9500 Wil (Switzerland)


Helbling Technik Wil AG is a subsidiary of the Helbling Group, which was founded in 1963, positioning itself as an interdisciplinary nexus of engineering and consulting expertise.

The independent Group is run by 32 managing partners and employs 546 staff at locations in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and China. The Group’s main focus is on providing selected services in the fields of technological innovation and business consulting.