Greek General Secretariat of Sports

The task of the General Secretariat of Sports (GGA) is the strategic planning and implementation of the country’s sports policy in Greece.

In particular, the mission is:

  • The prevention and safeguarding of the health of the athlete and athlete.
  • The systematic cultivation, dissemination and consolidation in the social consciousness of the sports spirit and the values ​​of Olympism and their dissemination at national and international level by any appropriate means.
  • The scientific documentation of the sports needs of the country and their recording in a strategic sports policy, which is implemented with operational programs, actions, actions and projects.
  • The institutional, scientific, material, technical and economic support of the supervised public and private sports bodies (N.P.), in order to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and quality in their produced sports work.
  • The supervision and control of all kinds of persons or bodies governed by the sports policy of the country in accordance with the current provisions and the evaluation of their action based on the respective strategic planning and planning of the sports policy.

37 Andrea Papandreou, Marousi
PC 151 80, T.Th. 15106