Belgian Volleyball League

The Belgian Volleyball League was created in 2003 as the association that aims to promote volleyball in the highest national division Men, and to bundle and represent the interests of the participating clubs towards third parties. 

The League has an agreement with Volley Belgium, the National Federation, to define the calendar and the formula of the competition. It is also the League’s responsibility to commercialize the competition and any other advertising return that can be offered, directly or through its clubs. The League makes transversal contracts to implement technology and to dispatch services and products increasing the quality of the events. 

Furthermore, the League is in charge of determining the extra-sporting conditions that the clubs must meet to participate in the competition. This concerns logistics, infrastructure, financial fairplay and social law aspects. 

The League is very active in the field of Social Dialog, taking into consideration the wellbeing of the players. The Belgian Volleyball League is a founding member of the Volleyball Leagues Association (VLA) together with Italy, France, Germany, Poland, and Greece. 

The regular season is played by 10 teams, playing each other twice, once at home and once away from home. After the regular season, the six best-placed teams enter the play-offs, the first-placed team starting with five points, the second-placed with four, the third-placed with three, the fourth-placed with two and the fifth-placed with one.

The last four teams enter the play-downs, the seventh-placed team of the regular season starting the play-downs with three points, the eighth-placed team with two and the ninth-placed team with one. The play-offs end with a final to the best of five, with the team finishing first of the play-offs having the home advantage.

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