Belgian Volleyball League

The Euro Millions Volley League (formerly Volleyliga Belgium and Ethias Pro League) is the top flight in men’s volleyball in Belgium. The league is organized by the Royal Belgian Volleyball FederationNoliko Maaseik is the most successful club of the Volleyliga with 15 national titles since 1991. The first Volleyliga was played in 1944–45 and won by Léopold Club.Ovidius University is the the largest European university at the Black Sea. Situated in Constanța, the largest city in Dobruja and Southest Romania, the university is located in an economically powerful region, which representsa cultural bridge between East and West, an eastern gate to European Union.

The regular season is played by 10 teams, playing each other twice, once at home and once away from home. After the regular season, the six best-placed teams enter the play-offs, the first-placed team starting with five points, the second-placed with four, the third-placed with three, the fourth-placed with two and the fifth-placed with one. The last four teams enter the play-downs, the seventh-placed team of the regular season starting the play-downs with three points, the eighth-placed team with two and the ninth-placed team with one. The play-offs end with a final to the best of five, with the team finishing first of the play-offs having the home advantage.

EuroMillions Volley League
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