AISS – Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science

AISS is a network of two universities (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam), two universities of applied sciences (Inholland and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences HvA), two university medical centers (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC and Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc) and practical partners (Topsport Amsterdam, Revalidation center Reade and OLVG). We mainly focus on three topics: Adapted sports, Injury prevention and monitoring, monitoring and performance enhancement.


AISS is committed to the optimization of a lifetime of healthy participation and (better) performance in sports. AISS does this without making a distinction between elite sports and grassroots sports or sports and adapted sports.

Research in field labs

AISS focuses on practical research relevant to performance, exercise and health. The research mainly takes place in the so-called field labs. These are physical locations in ‘the field’ with state of the art test and measurement facilities where we do on site examinations and give advice to professional and amateur athletes and patients. An overview of the field labs (not exhaustive):
– Disability sport
Location: CASA Reade
– Athletics
Location: Ookmeerhal
– Basketball
Location: Sporthallen Zuid
– Baseball
Location: Sportpark Ookmeer
– Judo
Location: Dr. Meurerlaan (Dojo ALO)
– Rowing
Location: Bosbaan
– Rugby 7’s
Location: Sportpark de Eendracht
– Gymnastics
Location: Ookmeerhal
– Soccer
Location: Sportpark Ookmeer
– Swimming
Location: Sloterparkbad
– Sport science support
Amsterdam Nutritional Assessment Centre
Location: Dr. Meurerlaan (HvA)
– Fashion & Technology Lab
Location: AMFI
– Amsterdam Sports Outpatient Centre
Location: AMC
Location: OLVG-West
Location: ALO (Dr. Meurerlaan)
– Educational field labs
Almere Knowledge Centre Talent Development
Location: Almere
– Athletic Skills Model Centre (to be established)
Location: VU Sports Centre Uilenstede
– Educational Field Lab ALO
Location: Dr. Meurerlaan (HvA)
The Amsterdam Sports Outpatient Centre and Clinic is a special field lab. The clinic offers high-quality clinical care for injuries and supports athletes in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of these injuries. The clinic also offers non-professional athletes advice on lifestyle and exercise.

Multidisciplinary education
Education with regard to sports, exercise and health has a multi- and interdisciplinary approach. This is estimated to meet a substantial demand coming from students and professionals in the field. A new joint minor in Sports reflects the different fields of expertise of the knowledge partners, such as sports medicine, exercise training principles, sports law, and sport and society. The more specific minor in Sport and Performance Psychology has been available since September 2014. As of September 1, 2016, we will start offering a master in High Performance Coaching.

Innovation in the Sport Venture Lab
Entrepreneurship and sports come together in the AISS Sport Venture Lab. This lab makes the knowledge from the field labs available to entrepreneurs that want to develop new technological applications. This way not only top-level sports but also the business community benefits from AISS.

Olympisch Stadion 14
1076 DE
The Netherlands

Name: Cees Vervoorn
Position: Professor Elite Sports & Education
Email: c.vervoorn@hva.nl
Mobile number: +316-51072868



Steering committee
The AISS is managed by the following people:
prof. mr. Huib de Jong: chancellor Hogeschool van Amsterdam and member Executive Board University of Amsterdam (chairman);
prof. dr. Peter Beek, dean Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences VU (executive committee);
prof. dr. Wilma Scholte op Reimer, dean Faculty Sports and Nutrition HvA (executive committee);
prof. dr. Gino Kerkhoffs: professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports traumatology AMC;
prof. dr. Willem van Mechelen: professor of Occupational and Sports Medicine, head of the Department of Public and Occupational Health and co-director EMGO+ Institute VUmc;
prof. dr. Hans Brug, dean of the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam
dr. Cees Vervoorn, professor Elite Sports and Education AUAS / University of Amsterdam
dr. Marije Deutekom, professor The Power of Sports AUAS / IUAS
dr. Anne Marie ter Steeg, division head of revalidation at Reade




EPSI is a membership-based networking organisation within Europe that focuses on innovation in the areas of physical activity related to sport, leisure and health. EPSI strives for a more innovation-friendly environment for the EU sports industry, in order to stimulate technological innovation and to set up businesses with a focus on innovative technology.

Sports & Technology

The Sports and Technology cluster is a non profit organisation and includes more than 100 SME companies, working in several field of sports. The cluster incorporates 9 (sport) field labs in the region, located around (top) sport facilities. FieldLabs are research and development locations in a real-life sports setting where new ideas, concepts, technologies and products are developed/tested in cooperation between sports, knowledge organisations and companies. Field labs have been developed for gymnastics, swimming, equestrian sports, soccer, sports for the disabled and sports stimulation.


INDESCAT is the Catalan Sports Industry Cluster. As a cluster, we bring together companies and research centres related to the world of sport, with the main objective of developing actions that improve companies' competitiveness, encouraging the development of innovative products and services. INDESCAT means INDUSTRY+SPORTS+CATALONIA

Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster Ltd. MSI

The enhancement of the cooperation between the members, the quest of new cooperative possibility and creation of business opportunities, Gathering and sharing the information concerning the cluster and the cluster’s members Advice to the cluster’s members (R+D, tenders, best practices, generation and managing of projects, business planning) Organization of events related to sports and healthy living, Sports marketing, market analyzing and researching activity, creation of a common image Sport health care services (medical, doping, regeneration, rehabilitation) Cluster representation and professional interest representation (lobby) Other demanded services provided in the interest of the cluster.


Assosport - Associazione Nazionale fra i Produttori di Articoli sportivi (Italian Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers) - is the Italian national sector association which represents businesses in the sports sector. It is a non political and non profit association.

Flanders' Bike Valley

The Flanders’ Bike Valley Cluster brings together actors in the field of bicycle & cycling sciences and technologies: public research organizations, private companies and specialized service providers in a Quadruple Helix format, including strategic stakeholders. The Cluster is managed by experienced entrepreneurial managers with roots in business development and cycling industries. Flanders' Bike Valley's infrastructure includes a common wind tunnel testing facility for athletes, products, etc. for wind speeds until 30 m/sec or 110 km/hr for cyclists, ski and Alpine Sports etc. and an Incubator for start-ups, new companies etc. As an emerging cluster, the mission of the Flanders' Bike Valley Cluster is to actively participate in building a successful ecosystem that will attract and retain companies and laboratories that are active in the bicycle and cycling field contributing to boosting innovation, economic performance and employment.


AITEX (ASOCIACIÓN DE INVESTIGACIÓN DE LA INDUSTRIA TEXTIL) is a private non-profit association that encompasses textile and related companies. Some current figures are that AITEX has more than 1.000 associated companies, more than 3.000 clients, around 250 staff and 9 delegations around the world (North and South America, China, Pakistan, Lithuania and India).

Delft University of Technology

The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute aims to create intensive interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers of the faculties 3ME, IO, LR, EWI and BK. It will give Delft a unique position as the most engineering oriented university in the field of sports research, combining the broad fundamental knowledge of these engineering faculties.

Ulster University

Ulster University is a dynamic research led University. Our core business activities are teaching and learning, research, innovation and technology and knowledge transfer.
The Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Institute brings together international experts across a range of sport related activities, facilitating collaboration with the commercial and community sectors promoting research, education, policy and practical innovation.

Asociacion IBV

Ibv is a technological center applying biomechanics and ergonomics for developing products and services that add value by improving people quality of life. In sports arena, IBV specializes in people oriented innovation: from people to the market. It is a recognized center for sports surfaces (FIFA, ITF, IAAF,..), sports products, footwear and clothing.

PFI Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V.

PFI Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V.


CeRiSM - Universita di Verona

Institute Carnot Star

The Carnot STAR institute "Sciences and Technologies for Research Applications" is a key player in Sports and Health research, development and innovation. The Carnot STAR institute aims to providing access to competencies, technological platforms and results from the French public research to industrials. Thanks to the reputation and the research excellence of its eight laboratories, the Carnot STAR institute is able to address three targetted markets: sports equipments, connected objects/internet of things for Health area and biomedical imaging.

Faculty of Sport, University Union - Nikola Tesla

Faculty of Sport, University “Union - Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade, was founded in 2012 as the first institution of higher education in Serbia whose core academic field is sport. In this respect, the following undergraduate courses

1. Coaching in Sport
2. Management in Sport
3. Sport Journalism

and postgraduate – master courses were created at the Faculty:

1. Sport Management
2. Management in Tourism and Recreational Sport

All the undergraduate courses consist of 4 years of study and in that period each student gains 240 ECTS credits. Students with higher ambitions have the opportunity to continue their studies and earn additional 60 ECTS (300 ECTS altogether) at master's degree.
Faculty of Sport in Belgrade, in addition to the regular academic education, is also oriented to informal types of education through implementation of the programs of vocational training for performing certain professional tasks in sport. Our aim is to keep this part of the educational process of sports experts at high level and thus contribute to the improvement and development of Serbian sport.
Vocational training programs were introduced in the obligatory practice of sports organizations and higher education institutions in Serbia due to the large number of former athlete and current sports workers, who perform a wide range of activities in the field of sports, but have no formal education. Basically, they need vocational training for the acquisition of the working permit, which allows them to work in sports organizations, in accordance with the law.
The method of gaining the appropriate sports titles is clearly determined by the applicable legal and regulatory provisions and includes the fulfillment of certain formal-legal and educational and professional requirements and criteria. It is realized through joint work and cooperation with sport organizations and higher education institutions in the field of sport and physical education.

Università Iuav di Venezia

Università Iuav di Venezia: Our research main topic is the design of innovative products and services using emerging technologies with special regard to sport, physical activity, health and wellbeing


Nova CHILD drives a network including companies, research and training institutes, with an innovative approach for the well-being of children.



The cluster gathers and coordinates a network of professionals from sectors, such as: child care, furniture, fashion (clothing - shoes), toys, food, hygiene, services ... but also, universities, schools, research and technical centers, training institutes... who provide their skills and their expertise: marketing, human and social sciences (psychology ...), design, technical (materials, electronics, IT, ...), medical, etc.
Nova CHILD strives to put the end user at the heart of the business and thus, mobilize these skills to make this network a true transverse center of expertise dedicated to the child.

Dalarna University

Dalarna University is a academic institution of higher education dedicated to education and research. The sports-science research at Dalarna University is focused on exercise physiology, physical education, sports media, and public health. Connected to these research areas, Dalarna University have a sports-science laboratory consisting of physiological, biomechanical, and biochemical sections. Many of the equipment in the sports-science laboratory enable field-test measurements. For now, Dalarna University will be represented in EPSI by Dala Sports Academy (www.dalasportsacademy.se) which is a center that focus on collaboration with external parties via transfer of scientific-based knowledge, development and innovation within the sports and health sector.

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