EPSI UPDATES – January 2020

EPSI Brokerage event scheduled for January 29th as per final attached agenda

It has resulted in a reputable happening with some 60 participants coming from all over Europe; 9 pitched project presentations from our members and the possibility to develop face to face speed meetings with our 8 strategic consultants to follow up on all the 23 presented Concept notes / project ideas. Please find the last updated list of concept notes equally attached.

Next brokerage event scheduled for June 25th and 26th in Belgrade back to back with EPSI General Assembly

Please pencil it down in your agendas thanks. More to come soon.

New European Projects

FYI we recently won 4 new projects in different European programmes :

    • OPS (Erasmus + small collaborative partnership) promotes education in and through sport: its main objective is to promote outdoor sports accessible to all.
    • SmartSports4Goodlife (Cosme) promotes cooperation among sport clusters and business opportunities for SMEs.
    • APPLE (Erasmus + big collaborative partnership) aims to sensitize Europeans, especially children, towards the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
    • A4SEE (Erasmus + Key action 1) contributes to build a sports innovation ecosystem and to enhance sports engineering education.

Reply required by the 3rd February

With our last EPSI updates, we have asked you to inform us:

On the possibility to launch Business ideas in collaboration with the 3D printing sector

In this regards we have shared with you a Business opportunities outline – received from the 3D printing sector – that we are once more sharing with you all. Please let us know if you envisage any business opportunities.

On the possibility to provide WADA with testing devises for DBS

We attach this hereunder for more information

As explained in our release (https://www.wada-ama.org/en/media/news/2019-10/wada-leads-exciting-collaboration-on-dried-blood-spot-testing), WADA is leading a collaboration with the goal of implementing dried blood spots (DBS) testing in time for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing. The steering committee has appointed two working groups, one of them dealing with collection and transport, and the second one with analysis and storage of the DBS.

As discussed with you, I would be glad to define with you whether some of your partners would have devices for the collection of DBS, that we would be happy to assess with the Collection and Transport working group.

The working group members will meet early December and will define all together the exact criteria (e.g. volume to be collected, collection site, collection material, etc.) that the device must fulfill to achieve our goal. 

During our upcoming meeting, we will be assessing the different devices we are aware of and that some of us have already tested. We are also trying now to identify new devices that could be used in our context and hence would be glad to hear back from you on any existing DBS collection device your partners could be working on.

Would it be possible to get back to me by mid of November with a first high-level description of devices if any, please?

There would be potentially a possibility of presenting the selected devices during our meeting in Lausanne early December.


Reply required by the 3rd February



Since our last EPSI update please consider that all our applicants have been accepted as new EPSI members. Welcome to:

New Applications

We have received 2 new membership applications as per attached Application form from:

Please kindly let us know if you agree with these 2 new membership application by Feb 3rd: no response = you agree.


FYI and as per this first “EPSI Update January 2020, please consider that we are currently working to increase / simplify your interaction with both EPSI Staff and other EPSI members organizations / Strategic consultants through a dedicated “Members Only” zone on our EPSI Website.

This will help to:

  • Increase the visual appearance of our monthly “EPSI Update”;
  • Revise your company / organisation profile via, inter alia, the description of your Concept notes / project ideas and the definition of your business / commercial objectives;
  • Improve and automatize project brokerage opportunities and business matchmaking possibilities

More to come very soon!