Treviso Tecnologia

Treviso Tecnologia, the Treviso Chamber of Commerce’s special agency for innovation, was founded in 1989. It promotes the growth and development of an ecosystem which favours innovation through developing certain areas, such as:

• high-quality work;

• the improvement of managerial skills;

• the diffusion of ICT in every economic sector (digital business ecosystem, as stated by the EU);

• the enhancement of intellectual property as the currency of the new millennium.




Treviso Tecnologia is a non-profit entity which offers high value-added services in innovation together with the development of projects financed on a local, national and European scale which allow a high degree of operational independence.


As an entity, it offers top-class information, education and development services to promote the continual dissemination of innovation to companies, which leverages the network between the world of research, university, the chambers of commerce and public institutions.


Treviso Tecnologia aims at supporting the territory in its ongoing transformation process by offering the following:

•  high value-added, innovative services;

• technological infrastructures and international awards;

• programmes for the development of skills and professionalism;

• innovation and technology transfer-supporting companies at any level (local, national and European);

• localising resources that will ultimately benefit companies.


Treviso Tecnologia’s activities are divided into four lines of activity:

  • Innovation and technology transfer – promoting the competitiveness of companies through a collaboration with centres of excellence in the science field within the framework of financed projects or specific projects.
  • Continuous development of advanced and innovative skills – designing and delivering educational pathways which connect centres of education (high school and university) with the business world, in order to jointly support lifelong learning programmes for companies. These programmes are often financed through participating in local and international calls for tenders.
  • Delivery of services of excellence – investing in infrastructures and competence for product testing and certification, with high value-added services in the field of intellectual property protection and international technical regulations.
  • International networking – cooperating  in actions and projects aimed at the development of research, innovation and technology transfer through cross-functional networks and partnerships with outstanding parties on a European scale.


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