Recticel is a BELGIAN company, with its headquarters in Brussels. The Recticel Group operates predominantly throughout Europe, but  also pursues a number of activities in the United States and Asia. Under its motto “The passion for comfort”, Recticel, as a manufacturer of polyurethane foam products, strives to make a real difference to daily comfort for all. The Group concentrates on four selected fields of application:

  • Flexible Foams
  • Bedding
  • Insulation
  • Automotive

Although the Group mainly produces semi-finished products (Flexible foams and Automotive), in a number of divisions, it also manufactures finished goods, both consumables and durables (Bedding and Insulation). Within the Bedding division, mattresses and slat bases are sold mainly under well-known brand names (including Beka®, Lattoflex®, Literie Bultex®, Schlaraffia®, Sembella®, Superba®, Swissflex®, etc.). The Insulation Division supplies high-quality finished thermal insulation products, which can be used directly in building and renovation projects. These insulation products are marketed under well-known brand names  such as Eurowall®, Powerroof® and Powerdeck®. In addition, Recticel attaches great importance to innovation and technological progress. The Group’s various products are therefore used and processed in ever growing numbers of new and existing applications.

Recticel aims to achieve sustainable, balanced added value and steady, profitable growth for the benefit of its customers and its shareholders. Recticel (NYSE Euronext: REC.BE – Reuters: RECTt.BR – Bloomberg: REC.BB) is the European leader in polyurethane applications and is quoted on NYSE Euronext SM in Brussels.



Broadly speaking, Recticel divides its activities among four different business lines: Flexible Foams, Bedding, Insulation and Automotive. Athough there are significant differences between these various activities, there are also a number of areas where they overlap, which makes the Group into a unique and integrated whole.


The Automotive business line includes the following activities:

RECTICEL AUTOMOTIVE which develops, produces and commercialises interior solutions (dashboard skins and door panel traim) using the unique,certified Colo-Fast® spray

PROSEAT (a 51/49 joint venture between Recticel and Woodbridge) which produces seating pads in cold-moulded foam.

EXTERIORS is a small division which mainly concentrates on the production of the lightstable polyurethane raw material Colo-fast® (compounds).



The Bedding business line focuses on the development, production and the commercialisation of fully finished mattresses, slats and bed bases and beds in particular. This business line, as a consequence has a distinct business-to-consumer character. Here the Group principally wishes to stand out through the means of a strong brand policy. Recticel owns a unique portfolio of strong brands such as Beka® (Belgium), Literie Bultex® (Belgium), Matratzen Bultex® (Germany, Austria), Schlaraffia® (Germany), Sembella® (Germany, Austria), Superba® (Switzerland), Ubica® (the Netherlands), Matratzen Bultex® (Germany, Austria), Lattoflex® (under licence) and Swissflex® .

The insulation business line concentrates on the production and commercialisation of sustainable thermal insulation material in rigid closed cell polyurethane (PU or PUR) and polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) and it contains two divisions: building insulation and industrial insulation.

Recticel Flexible Foam’s principal activities cover the manufacture, conversion and marketing of flexible polyurethane foam to a wide range of markets.The business line mainly concentrates on semi finished polyurethane foam products and components in B2B areas but also creates finished PU foam products in some segments for distribution channels. Recticel Flexible Foams is active worldwide. We have flexible polyurethane foam production plants, flexible PU foam converting plants and sales offices in different Western European countries, in Turkey, in the USA, in India and China and in Morocco.




Recticel sports is part of the Flexible foams business line. It is divided into 3 segments: outdoor, indoor & equipment. re-bounce® is the brand for all sports products manufactured by Recticel.

  •  Outdoor shock pads

We can provide each type of artificial turf pitch with a tailormade re-bounce® shock pad. Whether it is for football, hockey, golf or rugby, re-bounce® provides the best surface to guarantee a player’s optimal performance and safety. Our shock pads are highly porous and weather resistant and can withstand the heaviest possible loads, under many different conditions, throughout the year.

  •  Indoor underlays

Whether our underlay is placed under a hardwood floor or synthetic flooring such as PU resin, linoleum, rubber or PVC, it is guaranteed to make a world of difference for all athletes. We offer a tailor-made solution for every indoor sports surface that maintains optimal player comfort, safety and performance. In addition, our sustainable underlays reduce indoor floor vibration and insulate the sports floor acoustically, reducing indoor noise and echoes.

  •  Sports equipment

re-bounce® sports equipment includes a wide range of mats for a variety of combat sports and gymnastics. Our high-quality finished mats are not only the ideal solution for large organisations, but also for local schools and sports clubs with limited budgets. All our re-bounce® mats are available in different colours, with or without anti-skid finish base re-bounce®.