Qridi is a formative evaluation and learning analytics software programme for comprehensive schools. It has been developed to comply with the requirements of the new national core curriculum in cooperation with several Finnish teachers and experts.

Qridi helps implement good evaluation practices in the daily lives of schools. Qridi assists in forming a new culture of evaluation and enables learners to develop themselves to become better learners and people. In addition to comprehensive schools, Qridi is also used by sports teams and adult students.

Qridi has been developed together with innovative Finnish teachers and experts, based on the most recent results of studies into learning.

Qridi has special interfaces through which teachers can manage their learner groups.

It is a comprehensive digital tool for formative evaluation, providing an easy-to-use environment in which learners can perform self, peer and group evaluations and where evaluations can also be made by parents and teachers. There is a task list that helps teachers see in real time the progress that the learners have made in the tasks assigned.

Teachers and learners can together set personal goals whose fulfilment can be monitored easily. When all of its features are in use, Qridi is an excellent school work organisation and evaluation tool for both teachers and learners.

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