BRAnd Values Alignment through Dual Career

The Project

BravaDC enhances the European workplace environment to face effectively the challenges of dual career.

Project summary


The primary focus of BRAVA-DC (BRAnd Values Alignment through Dual Career) is on enhancing the European workplace environment so the circumstances and challenges of dual career (DC) athletes and coaches can more effectively be accommodated.

The BRAVA-DC project aims are: 1) to structure an evidence and eminence knowledge base on dual career for employee-athletes and 2) to define and enable European guidelines which support DC in the workplace and which facilitate appropriate brand alignment strategies and CSR policies which value DC. Accordingly, the overarching aim of the BRAVA-DC project is to implement the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes.

General Objectives

  • Through effective leadership, management and communication to implement a project of the highest standards and efficacy that will optimise dissemination and impact of the outcomes for target stakeholders and European society.
  • To synthesise extant evidence-base knowledge on the experiences, perceptions, opinions and needs of dual career (DC) employee-athlete/coach, employee-former athlete, employers of athletes/coaches, corporate DC supports, brand alignment strategies and CSR polices related to DC, thus making conclusions based on existing knowledge and identifying knowledge gaps.
  • Using concept mapping technologies to collect eminence-base knowledge on the dual career (DC) working experiences, perceptions, opinions and needs of athletes, coaches and their employers (i.e. relevant corporate marketing managers (CMMs), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRs) managers).

The Partnership


Full List of Partners

P1: University of Limerick (UL), Ireland

P2: University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia

P3: European Athlete as Student (EAS) Network, Malta

P4: European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI), Belgium

P5: Elite Sport Academy Aarhus (ESAA), Denmark

P6: Human Age Institute Foundation (FHAI), Italy

P7: Roma Tre University (Uniroma3), Italy

P8: Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (FSPE), University of Niš, Serbia

P9: European University Sports Association Institute (EUSA), Slovenia

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