EU4Sports clusters


The EU4 Sports Clusters Project started with several EPSI members in 2012.


•To create international cluster cooperation

•To increase the visibility of the sports clusters inside and outside Europe

•To improve and upgrade existing programmes regarding cluster international activities

•To jointly develop an internationalisation strategy

•To communicate, disseminate and replicate progress and results achieved

Main characteristics:

• 24 Months: 1-1-12 till 31-12-13

• 1 Host region, Catalunya

• particiaption of 3 Sports Clusters: Indescat (ES), InnosportNL (NL) and Sporaltec (FR)

• An EU funded project aimed to develop internationalisation strategies for clusters


Focus on Sports SME’s :

• Sport products (any product used by the top or recreational sporter in its sports activity)

• Accommodations (creating a physical and social environment to enhance sport/physical activity)

• Sport events (and sports information)