EPSI working committees

EPSI is working from 5 committees covering the main areas of interest of the Sport sector:

1) THE CONSUMER— chaired by Mercedes Sanchis,  IBV (Spain) www.ibv.org

  • User needs
  • Social trends
  • Biomechanics, physiology,morphometry, anthropometry

2) MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES—chaired prof. Christos Spitas, TU Delft (The Netherlands) www.TUDelft.nl

  • (New) Materials, smart textiles, nanomaterials, etc.
  • Sensors, Actuators & control
  • Design

3) PROCESSES – chaired by Andrea Brambilla, Assosport (Italy), www.assosport.it

  • Manufacturing
  • Customization (from  shop to delivery)
  • Environment and sustainability

4) SPORT INFORMATION SYSTEM —chaired by Prof. Alain Belli, SPORALTEC (France) www.sporaltec.fr

  • Sport training/personal coaching
  • Physical gaming in sport
  • Social networking

5) KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER AND DISSEMINATION —chaired by Alberto Bichi, FESI (Belgium) www.fesi-sport.org

  • Education
  • Pre-standardisation
  • Networking