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Traveling to the Netherlands by plane and train

Unfortunately Eindhoven Airport is closed for all air traffic during the conference because of the maintenance to the runway.

Despite the fact that Eindhoven Airport is closed there are several other Airport options both in the Netherlands as well in Belgium and Germany.

We advise you to fly to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and travel to Eindhoven by train. Trains depart every 15 minutes and you will arrive in Eindhoven within 1:30 hours. Plan your train journey from Schiphol to Eindhoven here.

Alternative Airports in the Netherlands:

  • Rotterdam Airport; connection to Eindhoven by taxi/train.
  • Maastricht Airport: connection to Eindhoven by taxi/train

If needed you may ask advise on traveling trough the conference secretariat:


Traveling within the city of Eindhoven

Transfers within the city can either be made by taxi or by public transport. Eindhoven’s public transport hub is the train station situated right on the edge of the city centre. Taxis are available outside both the north and south entrances of the train station and the bus station is at the northern entrance. Information about itineraries, arrival and departure schedules are available on the website of the public transport journey planner here.

The preferred hotel (Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven) is located near Genneper Parken, the southern Sports hub in Eindhoven. The hotel has a direct connection to the City centre by  a direct bus line (HOV). We will arrange free bus transfer from the hotel to and from the conference venue on day 1 and to and from the conference venue in Belgium on day 2.


Organized by:

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in partnership with:

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The event is supported by the Dutch Government, as part of Dutch EU Presidency in 2016




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