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On both June 6th and June 7th inspiration will be gathered form practical examples. These include:

June 6th, Eindhoven:

  • SportFieldLab visits

A selection of the SportFieldLabs of the cluster Sports&Technology will be visited. These visits will provide you inspiration with state of the art technology and innovation in several SportFieldLab locations.

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  • Demonstrations by entrepreneurs

Demonstrations of state of the art innovations will be given by entrepreneurs as part of the visits.

June 7th, Beringen:

  • Visit Facilities Flanders Bike Valley
    On June 7th the facilities of Flanders Bike Valley will be visited among which the state of the art wind tunnel that has recently been opened.

The program is still under construction. Please visit the site regularly for an updated program. 

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Organized by:

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in partnership with:

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The event is supported by the Dutch Government, as part of Dutch EU Presidency in 2016




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