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==Archive of the EPSI conference 2016==

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This 5th EPSI conference will really be a crossing borders event: 2 sport innovation clusters in 2 adjacent regions will be hosting the event together: cluster Sports & Technology, located in  the Brainport region, Brabant, the Netherlands and Flanders Bike Valley, located in Belgian Limburg, Belgium

Welcome to Brabant to Eindhoven and the Brainport Region

The first day of the EPSI 2016 conference takes place in Brabant and Brainport Region in the Netherlands. A top technology region that is well-known for its high tech manufacturing and engineering and its culture of close collaboration. The Brainport Region is one of the three economic pillars of the Netherlands (with Amsterdam and Rotterdam) and belongs to the technological backbone of Europe. The integrated collaborative approach of the Brainport Region has received international recognition and acclaim over the last years. The region has been honoured with a Eurocities Award (Eurocities, 2010), the world´s Intelligent Community of the Year (ICF, 2011), 3rd overall FDI Region of the Future (Financial Times, 2014) and finalist for European Capital of Innovation (European Commission, 2016).

Brabant, a province of Sports and Vitality

SX gebouwSkyline Eindhoven - foto Verse Beeldwaren


Brabant is a true province for Sports. Besides the excellent facilities for all sportsman, successful atletes, the biggest concentration of sporting clubs in the Netherlands and the highest percentages of active sportsmen, it is also the place that plays a central role in the innovation of sports and vitality in the Netherlands and Europe. Sports and Technology was together with TNO Sport the proud organiser of the first European Sport Innovation Conference in the Netherlands in 2008. Now with the first lustrum of the EPSI conference, it returns to its roots.
EK korte baan Pieter van de Hoogenband ZwemstadionLimbopad Eindhoven - Foto van Jaap BouwensFijne Feestdagen Festival 2013 Foto van Nick Bookelaar1marathon

In Brabant many sports are practiced on national and international level. Football club PSV with the Philips stadion is located in the centre of Eindhoven. The Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming-stadium is well known in the international top, meeting all the international standards. Another sport location is the ice sports centre in Eindhoven with distance skating and ice hockey. Gymnastics is hosted in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in Europes largest gymnastic facilty at Flik-Flak.


The combination of Sports, Technology and innovation finds its logical place in this region and provides ample opportunities for interesting cross overs. Brabant hosts SportFieldLabs for a series of different sports. Each of these labs are  focusing on a different sport or a different subject, for example there is a swimming lab, sports and vitality lab and a lab for the sports for disabled.

Located in this Brainport region, the Sports and Technology cluster is an open network of businesses, knowledge institutions, SportFieldLabs, and public organisations (the Q-helix) for sport innovation.  Cluster members share their knowledge and experiences, in an ethos of open innovation and co-creation, to create social and technological innovations in the domain of sports and vitality, bringing more people to an active lifestyle, enhancing sport performance and creating economical value.


Welcome to Limburg/Flanders

Past and future of Limburg / Flanders

The coalmines play a major role in the history of Limburg. In Beringen the mining past is still very present: the former mining settlement was almost fully preserved and is a gem of industrial archaeology, the surrounding garden suburbs have kept much of their charm and uniqueness and the former slag heaps have been turned into walking areas. The Mine Museum has been on the mining site since 1986 and offers numerous varied programmes for individual visitors, groups and schools.
Coal production reached its peak after World War Two and lay at the basis of the economic development of Belgium. In the late 1950s coal had to deal with competition from cheaper sources of energy. To limit loss, the various mines merged in ‘NV Kempische Steenkoolmijnen’ in 1967, but closing down became inevitable. The last Limburg coalmine closed in Zolder on 30 September 1992. With this perspective LRM (Limburgse Reconversie Maatschappij) was founded to lead Limburg from to a new economic future.
The vison of LRM has the same headlines as the base strategy of Flanders’ Bike Valley and BikeVille Incubator : To take the lead through innovation, creativity and sustainable projects. Limburg makes a difference with the space it has to offer. In addition to ready for use industrial parks and green areas, Limburg also avails of the space required for innovation and quality of life, a region where companies can grow and where it is great to work and live. Characterised by close ties, Limburg is in fact one big lab where experimental initiatives can be tested for feasibility and thus generate innovation. LRM takes the lead with respect to new ideas and projects.
Initiatives from Limburg and Flanders flow into one another like communicating vessels. Flanders’ strong points constitute additional trump cards for the Limburg spearhead clusters. New developments in Limburg also put Flanders on the map.

Capitalising on our intertwined offer of venture capital and infrastructure, LRM is transforming the economic DNA of Limburg. An impact driven investment company, LRM aims to be the number one catalyst behind the transition of the Limburg ‘manufacturing economy’ into an economy of innovation and technology. Through our investment activities and in cooperation with relevant actors, LRM is developing qualitative clusters within the spearhead sectors in Limburg. In short, LRM contributes to the development of the sustainable top region: Limburg.

Each entrepreneur who wants to deploy activities in Limburg can appeal to LRM for help. LRM is a general investor, but has gained a lot of specific experience over the years in the fields of ICT, Life Sciences Cleantech, Smart Manufacturing and Space & Experience.

By focusing on innovative sectors, LRM actively contributes to the transformation of the economic DNA of Limburg. The focus on knowledge-intensive sectors goes beyond providing venture capital and developing sector infrastructure. It is aimed at expanding qualitative sector clusters. Demo and pilot projects are initiated and financed. LRM facilitates the creation of qualitative spin-offs by research institutes and is at the foundation of a new knowledge infrastructure in Limburg. However, the traditional sectors remain important. LRM can assist both small and large entrepreneurs.

Sports – Cycling

Flanders is a paradise for cyclists. Are you ready to get on your bike and explore its beautiful sceneries, picturesque villages and artistic cities? You will find all the information you need in our leisure pages, from interesting routes and bike rental, to bicycle-friendly accommodations.

If you are a cycling-race enthusiast, a trip to Flanders is nothing less than a pilgrimage to the most hallowed grounds in the sport. Read on and find out more about cycling events, musea, routes to explore, inspiring stories, and more.

Flanders wants to be an enjoyable cycling destination for everyone: tourists of all ages, with or without disabilities or care needs, etc.


Organized by:

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in partnership with:

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The event is supported by the Dutch Government, as part of Dutch EU Presidency in 2016




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