General information about EPSI activities

EPSI functions as a networking organization and networking for and between its members will be its main activity. In the coming years activities will be focused on following items:

  1. Organizing activities and events to tackle and harvest chances and needs for innovation for the sector. Sources for innovation will be based on the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) but also on public health needs and on innovation opportunities provided by the organization of top sport events
  2. Coordinate/manage EU/international project development and project execution;
  3. Share and disseminate information (e.g. project results, new knowledge, innovation programmes and innovation chances) to the members by e.g. organizing of workshops, website etc.
  4. Elaboration of the network (by strengthening the connections to the sports industry and by increasing transparency in the knowledge network)
  5. Putting forward the sports industry agenda on innovation and research towards the European Commission and national governments

EPSI will be flexible and open to providing other activities and services which may be required to achieve its primary aim.

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