The EPSI organization

Legal structure

EPSI is a non profit association (ASBL) located in Brussels (Belgium)

Network of networks

EPSI is a networking organization. Its core is a network of national sports and innovation networks thus representing the industry-sports-innovation partners throughout the EU.
Members of EPSI typically come from sports industry, universities and academia, Sport research institutes, consumer health and safety organisations, medical and teaching hospitals, educational institutes, public authorities, national sports innovation contact points and other relevant stake holders.

Direct links to industry

EPSI is directly linked to the industrial needs and agenda. It is supported by FESI (Federation of European Sporting Goods Industry) and by several national sports and innovation networks. Each of these networks holds direct relations to the sport sector e.g.:

Organization structure

EPSI is a membership organization with a president, general assembly and board. Day to day activities are lead by two executive directors. Besides the directors, the core working force of EPSI consists of 5 Working Groups, which are lead, when necessary and possible, by the industry as well as animated by representatives of research institutes, National contact points, higher education institutes, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders. The works will be managed and carried out independently by each Working Group.