University of Ulster

Sport & Ecercise Sciences Research Institute (SESRI)

The University of Ulster is one of the founder members of EPSI. It is represented in EPSI by its Sport & Ecercise Sciences Research Institute (SESRI)

Our aim is facilitate, co-ordinate and to carry out high quality research and to promote a vibrant culture of research and scholarship within the University of Ulster and in partnership with health providers, sports governing bodies and other centres of excellence.

The Institute endeavours to:

  • promote high quality, strategic and applied research;
  • strengthen the national and international research base in Sport and Exercise Sciences and            related disciplines;
  • provide consultancy services
  • educate high calibre research students;
  • provide a base for visiting scholars.

– Physical Activity and Health Prof Marie Murphy (Research Group Leader) 

The Physical Activity and Health group uses epidemiological and empirical methods to investigate the role of physical activity and exercise in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and the promotion of psychological well-being.

-Social Sciences of Sport Dr Paul Darby (Research Group Leader) 

The Social Sciences of Sport research is conducted from a range of disciplinary perspectives including sociology, political science, history and anthropology. The work currently being conducted within the group explores a range of themes associated with the cultural, political, social, economic and socio-legal import of sport in a variety of local, national and international contexts

-Sports Sciences  Prof Eric Wallace (Research Group Leader) 

Sports Sciences research aims to further our understanding of the learning processes, mental imagery processes and biomechanical principles governing sport and exercise performances across the spectrum ranging from beginner to elite performer levels. Key disciplines include cognitive and behavioural psychology and biomechanics


       Photo: Rory McIlroy at the opening of the new Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Institute laboratories: 19th March 2010 AND Rory McIlroy unveils a plaque at the opening of the SESRI laboratories, with University of Ulster Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Barnett 







There are four main laboratory areas for the SESRI, a biochemistry lab, physiology lab, biomechanics lab, and an innovative biomechanics-field lab in the university’s indoor running track.

Biochemistry lab equipment used in theses labs include a spectrophotometer; a DNA microarray scanner; an HPLC adept system; and a microplate reader.

Physiology equipment includes a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), which measures bone composition; a metabolic analysis and nutritional assessment system; and a number of activity monitors.

Biomechanics equipment for analysing sports movement includes a series of force platforms; a 12-camera passive motion capture system; and a quadruple movement analysis CODA motion analysis system.

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