SINTEF is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research concern that possesses international top-level expertise in technology, medicine and the social sciences, and their objective is to become the mostrenowned contract research institution in Europe.

SINTEF is an independent, non-commercial organisation. The profits of their contract research projects are invested in new research, scientific equipment and competence development. In the course of the past five years, we have invested NOK 600 million of their own funds in laboratories and scientific equipment.

The SINTEF Group comprises the SINTEF Foundation, four limited companies and SINTEF Holding.

SINTEF operates in partnership with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, and collaborates with the University of Oslo. NTNU personnel work on SINTEF projects, while many SINTEF staff teach at NTNU. Their collaboration involves the extensive joint use of laboratories and equipment, and more than 500 people are employed by both NTNU and SINTEF. We also collaborate with other leading research organisations in Norway and abroad.

SINTEF has clients in about 60 different countries. In 2013, 16 percent of their turnover was derived from international contracts. About 50 percent of their international turnover comes from the EU’s research programmes, in which SINTEF is a leading participant. European Union projects are given high priority, because we believe that it is important to participate in multinational knowledge-generation efforts, and because such projects give us access to interesting networks.

Their ambition is to grow in the international R & D market, and for this reason, we are investing in areas in which we are particularly strong: oil and gas, energy and the environment, materials technology, maritime and biomarine technology, ICT, building research and medical technology. We maintain an international presence via their own subsidiary companies or laboratories in the USA, Brazil, Chile and Denmark.

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