CeRiSM was established in 2010 by the University of Verona as and evolution of the previous existing center (CeBiSM, born in 1995 with the University of Brescia, Trento, Udine e Verona)

It is based in Rovereto, Trentino (Italy) and its main activities are in the field of

•     Sport in mountain environment;

•     Physical activity and health;

•     Biomechanical analysis of human locomotion;

•     Physiological adaptation to extreme environmental condition.

CeRiSM research activity is mainly in the field of physical activity and sport with special focus on the biomechanical and physiological responses to different condition and assessment of the performance related indicators. CeRiSM is also a center of excellence for the testing and the evaluation of athletes’ performance in sports activities. The peculiarity of the center, thanks to its laboratories equipped with specific instruments, is to conduct sport specific testing.

Part of the CeRiSM activity is devoted to the analysis of the effects of sport garments and equipment on the athletes performance and biomechanical, physiological and   thermal   responses. CeRiSM has   lead   testing   for   several companies for the assessment of their products, shoes, ski boots, sport garments.

The staff of the center account for about 12 people and is composed by medical doctors, sport scientist and biomedical engineers. The main characteristic is the attitude to analyse the peculiarity of each testing scenarios to search innovative and specific solutions for the evaluation of the athletes and sport equipment.

More information available on http://www.cerism.it/