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Assosport – Associazione Nazionale fra i Produttori di Articoli sportivi (Italian Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers) – is the Italian national sector association which represents businesses in the sports sector. It is a non political and non profit association.

Assosport is a member of:

  • ¬†Confindustria (the Italian national industrial association)
  • FESI -Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry,
  • WFSGI – World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry.

This network of national and international links and associations puts Assosport in the privileged position of being able to offer businesses in the sector support, assistance and services to help them reach their corporate goals.

Working in the interests of all producers of sporting goods, Assosport can represent, plan, organise and support a wide range of initiatives aimed at valorising and promoting sporting goods Made in Italy across the globe.


To represent, support and valorise, both nationally and internationally, Italian sporting goods producers, which together constitute one of the most vital and prestigious economic strengths of the country, by promoting and developing projects and services to meet the needs of its members.

Assosport carries forward its Mission through three main channels:

  • Representation and Lobbying —¬† “Be seen”-“Be heard”-“Influence”
  • Information and Communication —¬† “Know and be known”
  • Member services — “Work together for the good of all”