AIJU Research Centre

logo aiju nuevo inglesAIJU Research Centre is a Spanish private, non-profit making organisation which aims to boost research, development and technological innovation in children’s products, leisure and related industries. They are located in Ibi (Alicante) and their capabilities and technologies have been constantly evolving since they were established in 1985, in order to adapt to new industry requirements (with more than 500 associated companies and 1000 clients) and trends.

With 78 employees and premises of 5000 m2, including testing laboratories, Play Lab, pilot plants and training rooms, AIJU has a multidisciplinary staff for the development of children’s, leisure and sports products. The latter is composed of psychologists, marketing and trend specialists, designers, chemists, engineers and expert technicians in diverse fields of knowledge. Their advanced capabilities allow individuals to develop, test and validate different products considering technical, industrial, environmental and sustainability, quality and safety requirements.

Some of the current Research fields and services of AIJU include:

  • Psychopedagogical advice to companies and users about the requirements for children’s development (reducing obesity problems, healthy activities, etc);
  • Research on play and disability, active ageing, accessibility, sporting, etc., combined with ICT technologies;
  • Social Trends Observatory;
  • Customisation of products fitted to the body geometry (digitalisation, additive manufacturing, validation…);
  • New materials and processing (new formulations, nanomaterials, product development, Rapid Manufacturing, energy…);
  • Simulation & Virtual Reality (design and development of Virtual environments, ergonomics studies or virtual engineering);
  • Eco-design,
  • etc.

Finally, AIJU is a notified body in Europe (and accredited also in the USA) for safety assessment on different children’s products, playgrounds, etc., regarding chemical and mechanical risks.

For more information visit the AIJU website: